RADEX RD1503+ Geiger Counter Radiation Monitor/Detector (0.05 ~ 999 µSv/h)




Geiger counter
Detection of gamma, beta and X-ray radiation

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  • graduated change of a threshold signal in the range from 0.10 to 0.90 µSv/h with an 0.10 µSv/h interval (available in individual settings);
  • evaluation of the radiation background dose rate (outside buildings) conforms with the Russian government`s instructions specified in «MU2.6.1.715-98» (Conducting a radiation-hygienic inspection of inhabited and public buildings. Methodical Instructions);
  • value of the background dose rate is saved even when the device is turned off;
  • display of the difference of the dose rate between the averaged and background values;
  • vibration signal is added as well as the audio alarm;
  • adjustment a of a vibration signal (on /off) is possible;
  • animation of the pressed command button (the icon of the button starts blinking on the display)

Scale range ambient dose rate equivalent µSv/h 0.05 ... 9.99
Scale range exposition dose rate µRem/h 5 ... 9.99
Range energy scales – radiations MeV 0.1 ... 1.25
Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95), where Ð is a dose rate in µSv/h % 15+6/Ð
Levels of sound-alarm threshold µSv/h 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 
0.40, 0.50, 0.60,
0.70, 0.80, 0.90
µRem/h 10, 20, 30, 40, 50,
60, 70, 80, 90
Time of calculation sec 40±0.5*
Time of indication - continuous
Batteries of "AAA" type pc 2
Time of continuous work of a device, not less hour 550 **
Overall dimensions mm 105x60x26
Weight (without batteries) g 90
Range of registered X-rays energy MeV 0.03 to 3.0***
Range of registered beta rays energy MeV 0.25 to 3.5***

* Increased number of calculation cycles leads to higher reliability of indications.

** Two batteries with a capacity 1350MAh, at a level of a natural background no more than 0.3 µSv/h and with factory settings.

*** Characteristics are obtained due to research carried out by the Center of Ionized Radiation of the State Scientific Metrological Laboratory "VNIIFTRY " in the period from 1 to 8 December 2005 and confirmed by protocols of 14.12.2005.

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