Meatrol PQ-4G Gateway for ME440




The Meatrol PQ-4G Gateway is an edge processing module that integrates remote transmissions.
It has 4G Netcom function and has an aluminum alloy shell, which is small and convenient to carry on business trips.
The PQ-4G gateway for ME440 is used to transfer the data from the ME440 analyzer to a cloud platform.

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PQ-4G supports most of 4G Netcom and fast networking;
wireless transmission function and support uploading ME440 data to the cloud;
support Modbus TCP to 4G;
edge computing function and greatly reduce the transmission of redundant information.

Customization features:
PQ-4G gateway has edge processing extension function, built-in edge processing unit, specific parameter monitoring and alarm mechanism.

Cooperating with intelligent power acquisition equipment and electricity meter, suitable for energy consumption monitoring and power quality analysis, and help to analyze power situation in real time.

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