HD 35 Series Wireless Data Logger (with/without LCD display)

HD 35

Delta Ohm


It stores the measures in its internal memory and transmits the logged data to the base unit automatically at regular intervals or upon request. Optional Custom or Graphic LCD display.

Transmitting range in open field: 300 m (E, J) / 180 m (U). Acoustic alarm with internal buzzer. Powered by the internal battery. Supplied with: internal 3.6V not rechargeable lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery, wall mount support HD35.03 (models for indoor use only), operating manual.

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An HD 35 system consists of the following components:
• HD35AP ... basic unit
• HD35RE ... repeaters
• HD35ED ... data logger series
• HD35ED-ALM remote alarm device

The radio frequency (868 MHz: option E, 902-928 MHz: option U or 915.9-929.7 MHz: option J) has to be specified when ordering.

The kit HD35.11K (pair of flanges, pin for padlock and padlock) for fixed installation has to be ordered separately.


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