SL-3V Voltage and Energy Optimizer Data Logger



The SL-3V is used by power distribution companies, voltage and energy optimization companies, facility management, electrical or site services and maintenance engineers to monitor voltage variations on the site, helping them diagnose any problem related to the voltage, or to collect data, perhaps to make representations to your energy provider. Voltage optimization companies also use the product to monitor voltage levels before and after optimization.

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ADC Bits 10 bit
Precision ±1%
IP Classification IP43
Warranty Period +10 years

There are two sizes available, the larger EC-3V and the smaller SL-3V, which is approximately one-fourth the size.
The SL-3V has a reduced battery life of around 9 months, approximately 1/3 of EC-3V (which has 24 months).
Note that the EC-3V has native USB communications and a phase sequence (rotation) corrector as standard.

The advantage of Electrocorder products over most others is that our data loggers constantly sample information (logging Min, Max and Average) during the set period, many other products only take 'snapshots' of what is happening and can lose 99.9% of the data that is critical for analysis.

The kit includes data logger, voltage cables, serial cable, Electrosoft software and a transport box.

For help, see our support video.

Ideal for industrial data logging.


Voltage Range: 500V
Voltage Accuracy: ±1% of reading (10 bit) within 90Vac - 450Vrms (ph – ph); else ±3%. (50/60Hz ±2%)

Recording Period: 1 sec to 60 mins
Recording Standard: EN50160

Environmental Sealing: IP43 as standard
Size & Weight: Metric - 145x89x46mm & 300g

Harmonised Code: 9030.39.01

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