Compact Agrometeorological Station - 3 year battery, Quido


Nesa srl


Quido Wireless Agro-meteorological Station for the measurement of  Rain, Temperature, Humidity and Leaf wetness.
Professional with Certified Instrumentation.

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Type of Instrument Estación Meteorológica

Quido collects a large amount of certified information (in addition to rain, it measures the temperature, humidity and humidity of the leaves).
You can consult and interpret the data at any time, planning interventions to increase the competitiveness of the agricultural company.

Equipped with integrated transmission system with Sigfox technology or by SMS.
Very low consumption (battery), designed for the acquisition of agro-meteorological parameters, useful for the guided against diseases and water management of the main cultures.
Equipped with high precision sensors, with data transmission averaged every 15 minutes to a server on the network from where they are processed and made available to the user.
The data history remains available on the server for direct use via a web-based management platform.

Compact agrometeorological with certified sensors:
- Quido Is a compact agrometeorological station ready to use, able to transmit in Sigfox, Lorawan, or GPRS, classified 4.0 technology that permits to obtain European facilities (depend on local governments) from financial point of view.
- Quido does not require any configuration as can be seen in the video tab provided in this page.
- Data are transmitted to the cloud and you can get them via web or via APP.
- An anual data fee for transmission and software (no sim are requested) is required.

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