3200R2 WatchDog® Wireless (SigFox) Rain+Temp Station


Spectrum Technologies


• Measures temperature and rainfall
• Affordable station cost
• SigFox communication
• Highly accurate
• Remote/Wireless communication
• Radiation Shield
• Bird Guard
• Instantaneous rainfall notifications (with alerts active)

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Environment of Use Outdoor
Number of Channels 2 channels
Communications SigFox
The Sensor measures: Rain & Temperature

• Send data from every field directly to the cloud
• Deploy as many units as needed, with the option to move   or add more
• Reduces communication cost
• Allows user to access data in near real time from anywhere
• Provides accurate temperature data hourly
• Bird Guard reduces debris in the rain collector
• Immediately updates with the first .01 inches of rain
• Continues to update every 10 minutes while raining

Operating Temperature:  -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C)
Event type:  Periodic hourly data logging with alarm based event   checking every minute
Event intervals:  1 hour maximum, packet on .01 inches of rain then    every 10 minutes until rain stops   
Communication: Sigfox LPWA network
Temperature Sensor
Range: -67° to 257°F (-55° to 125°C)
Accuracy:  ± 1°F
Rain Sensor
Diameter:  8 inches
Resolution:  .01 inch  (0.25 mm)
Accuracy:  ± 2% with rainfall at < 2 in (5 cm) per hour

What is Sigfox Network?
Sigfox is the world's leading IoT services provider. The company's Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network provides the lowest energy for secure device-to-cloud connection. We are proud to partner with Sigfox to offer an affordable IoT connectivity solution to our customers.

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Manage your site data whenever, wherever. Use this powerful tool as a central point for viewing and evaluating real-time data instantly for better decisions. SpecConnect can help improve yield and quality, conserve resources, increase profits and decrease risk by viewing current weather conditions and factors.

• Set up your network from your computer, smart phone, or tablet
• Easy and simple to navigate
• 100% customizable dashboard
• Supports multiple user logins
• Send personalized alerts via text message or email
• Download your data for offline analysis
• Create custom reports and charts for full analyzes of your data
• Map view allows you to see all locations and current conditions
• Optional plant disease and insect models

SpecConnect Reporting Features
• Daily / Hourly
• Multi Station / Sensor
• Equipment Inventory & Activity
• Rainfall and Soil Moisture (product specific)
• And More!

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