HY-WDS2E High Resolution & Accuracy Ultrasonic Anemometer




HY-WDS2E Ultrasonic 2D Anemometer is a compact ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction sensor. It is designed to simultaneously measure the 2-dimensional horizontal components of the wind speed and direction. Using ABS shell, Weight is lighter and Structure is more stable. Build-in own intelligent heating module, It can work normally under the cold and freezing weather.

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The Sensor measures: Wind Speed/Direction
Output Signal: 4-20 mA or RS485
Power Supply: 5Vdc - 30Vdc
Sensor IP Rating IP65
Sensor for use in: Outdoor
Communication RS485, RS232 & SDI-12

Mainly used in highway, meteorology, drilling platform, waterway, port, wind power generation, shipping, and automatic meteorological station, etc


- No moving wearing parts,free of maintenance
- Using engineering plastic shell make it lighter
- Adopts the reflecting type of ultrasonic probe, the structure is more compact
- Using acoustic phase compensation technology, high precipitation

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