FS6003 Weather Station Compact, Digital Output (Modbus RTU)


Fuehler Systeme


- Wind speed
- Precipitation yes/no
- Brightness (east/south/west)
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Twilight

Instrument holder and Cable must be order separately.

ZM/O Meteorology Accessories

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Type of Instrument Estación Meteorológica
The Sensor measures: Wind speed, Rainfall yes / no, Brightness (east / south / west), Temperature, Humidity, Twilight.
Output Signal: Modbus, RTU
Cable Length: 10 m
Power Supply: 18-30 V
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

The FS6003 weather station was developed for the diverse demands of building control technology.
The device combines data acquisition precision with a very compact design.
Easy integration into new and existing installations is guaranteed.
The acquisition and recording of a total of 11 meteorological parameters in the smallest space distinguishes this device.
Wind measurement takes place without moving parts. The thermal anemometer measures wind speed and direction without mechanical wear. Very expensive maintenance is eliminated.
A gold sensor also detects small amounts of precipitation. Built-in heating blends snow and sleet and ensures quick drying.
The integrated GPS module automatically receives the date, time, station altitude and geographic position. This eliminates the need for manual time settings. From the GPS parameters, the weather station determines the azimuth and elevation of the sun's position. Using the altitude above sea level and the measured air pressure, the reduced air pressure is calculated.
All parameters are output with the data telegram. The data is sent in series through MODBUS RTU.
The weather station is mounted on a mast or with the help of a wall bracket directly to the building.

Measurement range wind speed 0-40 m/s, resolution 0,1 m/s
Measuring range wind direction 0-360°, resolution 1°
Measurement range temp. -30...+60°C
Measurement range r.H. 0-100% r.h., resolution 0,1% r.h.
Measurement range air pressure 300-1100 hPa, resolution 0,01 hPa
Measurement range brightness 0-150 kLux, resolution 0,1 kLux
Measurement range twilight 0-999 Lux, resolution 1 Lux
Global measuring range 0-1300 W/m², resolution 1 W/m²
Measurement range precipitation yes/no (it only tells you if it rains or not)
Accuracy wind speed ±1 m/s (< 10 m/s, else ±5%, rms average over 360°)
Accuracy wind direction ±10° (laminar flow)
Accuracy temperature ±1 K (ws > 2m/s, -5...+25°C)
Accuracy air pressure ±0,5 hPa (20°C)
Accuracy brightness ±3%
Accuracy twilight ±10 Lux
Supply voltage 18...30 V DC, 18...28 V AC
Current consumption < 300 mA @ 24 V DC
Digital output Modbus RTU
Electrical connection 7-pole connector
Housing polycarbonate PC, UV-stabilised, white RAL 9003
Weight 220
Protection type IP65
Dimensions Ø 130 mm x 67,5 mm
Working temperature -30...+60°C
Storage temperature -20...+50°C
Installation Pole mount 25 mm pipe diameter
Approvals CE, EAC, RoHS

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