Aqua Logger RDR Water Level Monitoring System

Aqua Logger RDR

Wind Measure


The hydrological station used for level measurement in water courses, water tanks or in closed channels. The use of the radar sensor guarantees a non-contact measurement and eliminates the danger of damaging the transmitter by ice.

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The RDR Aqua Loggers come with a wide range of mounting options that include several mounting arms and fixings for closed channels. Each option protects the sensor from accidental or intentional damage.

Aqua Logger RDR generally works with AGM 12V 55Ah battery. For example, if the measurement is made every 10 minutes and the data is updated every 1 hour, Aqua Logger RDR will operate continuously for a minimum of 5 years.

The Aqua Logger RDR measuring station is a device dedicated to monitoring the water level in the natural environment and changing climatic conditions. The measurement is made with the use of a radar sensor. It emits high frequency electromagnetic waves that are reflected from the surface of the water due to the dielectric constant change The time of the reflection of the wave is proportional to the distance it covers On this basis, the surface of the water level is determined. All measured data is sent to the data server via GSM. In the standard category, the station is powered by a 12V 55Ah AGM battery. The most important feature of this method is the lack of contact measurement. Thanks to that, there is no need to install any of the elements of the station in the water and that makes the process easier and faster, and also eliminates the danger of damaging the sensor by the ice cap. The ultra-low power consumption of the station marks it between similar devices used for water level measurement. In most operating media, this application is ready to run continuously for several years without charging the battery or replacing For example, if the measurement is made every 10 minutes and the data is updated every 60 minutes, the station will operate for 5 years As minimum. A set of batteries provides a long working time that excludes apart from the standard maintenance of the station. Compared with red solutions, Aqua Logger RDR generates a lower installation cost. Online access as well as measurement and transmission intervals, as well. The wide range of adjustable email and text alerts allows professional and economic measurement campaigns. Water Logger RDR is recommended as a reliable and easy to install alternative to standard water level stations that are grid-powered or use large photovoltaic panels.


Measurement range

0 …. 8m

Probe type

FMR10 with beam narrowing cover, producer: Endress+Hauser

Sensor output signal

4 … 20mA



range 0,0-0,1m - max. error: 20mm range 0,1-0,5m - max. error:10mm remaining range - max. error: 5mm

Sensor working temperature


Working frequency

K-band (~ 26 GHz)

Transmission power

1m distance: < 12 nW/cm2, 5m distance: < 0.4 nW/cm2


with any Android or Mac OS X System and Bluetooth transmission

Data transfer type


Data logger working temperature


Power supply

10 - 30V DC

Standby power consumption


GPRS transfer power consumption


Measurement power consumption


Single measurement time

18 ... 23s

Average data transfer modem activity time

18 … 22s typically


55 Ah, 12V AGM or 24 Ah, 12V AGM with PV panel

Optional PV panel

Built-in solar charger enables direct connection of a PV panel

Approx. working time without battery (55Ah) replacement/recharging

data update – 60min, data sampling–10min         >5 years data update – 10min, data sampling–10min>2 years

Data transfer interval

in range: (1min)….(24h)

Measurement interval

in range: (1min)….(24h)

Internal memory

50 000 records


Registered technical parameters

Electronics’ temperature, power supply voltage, GSM signal, modem activity during last data transfer, cabinet door open

Text alarms

Set up for medium level and chosen technical parameters

Data logger housing

ABS, IP67, 195x125x60 mm

Cabinet materiał

polyester thermoset fortified with fiberglass, non- hygroscopic material

Cabinet parameters

IP66, 400x300x200 mm, IK 10 - mechanical impacts scale, second class of protection

Cabinet door locking method

patent key (lower) , padlock (upper)

Cabinet foundation dimensions (optional)

height 500x750x1000 x width 265 x depth 170

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