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Museums and Monuments Weather Station Kit

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Preset station in the monitoring of monuments or ancient areas, works of art and museum spaces, consisting of compact sensors designed to be non-invasive and wireless transmission system (or cable if possible) to the datalogger TMF100. This datalogger is able to connect up to 100 sensors on the same network . The protocol used allows the transmission in isolated local (as rooms) in museums or castles without loss of information through appropriate radio repeaters.

The system for indoor applications (eg. museums) is composed by stylus hygrothermometric sensors (UTAI), air flow sensors, sensors of gases concentration such as CO2, COx, and in case of outdoor applications (monuments or areas of great value), specific sensors such as SOx (for marble), rain, pressure, etc..

The power supply for internal use is typically 220Vac or primary battery, while outside it is recommended to use the solar panel.

For the support, depending on the installation external or internal, may be provided in a pole anodized aluminum h = 2m or wall installation inside the building. Option data transmission via GPRS/satellite/cable from the data logger.

Available with other combinations of sensors. Example of a station with a wireless air flow sensor, a humidity sensor and temperature for indoor wireless CO2 sensor and wireless controller with datalogger TMF100 powered by primary supply.

Composition Offer: 1x FAT-B, 1x UTAI-N, 1x CO2, 4xZBS1a,1x TMF100, 1xZBC,1x TMF-AL220

FAT-B Sensor de flujo de aire ( 0 a 5 m/s) Anemometro de Interior

  • • Sensor for the measurement of the air flow with high sensitivity (<0.01 m/s)
  • • Range: 0÷5m/s (flow), -20 ÷ +80°C (temperature)
  • • Accuracy: ± 0.02 m/s (temperature compensated from 0÷80°C) ± 0.3°C
  • • Omnidirectional
  • • Output signal: dual 4÷20mA output (0÷2Vdc, RS485 or Modbus on request with double MCS module)
  • • Operating conditions: -30 ÷ 110°C
  • • Power supply: 10 ÷ 30Vdc (typ. <0.5W)

UTAI-N Sensor de Temperatura y Humedad Combinados (Out: Pt100 1/3DIN)

  • • Accurate and reliable indoor Air Humidity & Temperature Sensor with Pt100 1/3DIN andcapacity
  • • According to WMO standards
  • • Size and weight compact
  • • Range: -40 ÷ +80°C (others on request) [0 ÷ 100%Rh]
  • • Resolution: 0.015°C , [0.1%]
  • • Accuracy: DIN 43760 1/3DIN (±0,1°C), [± 2% f.s.]
  • • Response time: <60s
  • • Operating conditions: : -40 ÷ +80°C
  • • Power supply: 10÷30Vdc

CO2 Sensor Euro- Gas para la Medición de Dioxido de Carbono CO2 (30.000ppm)

  • • Gas concentration transmitters 
  • • Compact size and weight in container IP54 (IP65 for CO2 sensor)
  • • Measurement with electrochemical method
  • • Standard ranges and custom on request
  • • Low consumption: <2W
  • • Power supply: 14 ÷ 24Vdc


  • Single-channel ZigBee module for low-power sensors, complete with antenna and power supply system, separated between radio and sensor, with lithium batteries 3.6 Vd

TMF100 Data Logger Multifuncional

  • • Linux Datalogger completely programmable via web
  • • 4 programmable analogical high-resolution inputs (24Bit)
  • • 4 programmable analogical high-resolution inputs (12Bit)
  • • 5 programmable frequency inputs up to 2000Hz/channel
  • • 4 programmable ON/OFF or frequency outputs
  • • 4 programmable 12Bit 0÷2Vdc analogical outputs
  • • 2÷6 serial ports RS232, RS485, SDI, 2 USB, 1 lan Ethernet port 10/10Mbits
  • • Internal memory from 32MB ÷ 2GB external removable memory (USB)
  • • Wide display
  • • New version with extremely low power consumption (< 0.2W in “low power” mode)
  • • Integrated charge regulator up to 40Ah
  • • Communication protocols: Modbus RTU & Tcp, SDI-12, TCP-IP, http, Ftp, Ntp, Telnet, Smtp
  • • Data format: ASCII txt file, AES encripted, Synop, Metar, Speci
ZBC ZigBee gateway concentradora
  • ZBC ZigBee gateway concentradora ZigBee módulo concentrador de datos para la conexión del registrador de datos TMF100 o TMF500 , con conexión de cable. Este módulo ya está integrado en el nuevo WLP50 datalogger y la otra serie . Le permite crear redes inalámbricas auto- configuración , hasta unos 100 sensores para cada concentrador . Se puede conectar a repetidores o puentes de la misma serie .



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