U3430 Data Logger with built-in temperature, relative humidity and CO2 sensors.


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Datalogger is designed to record temperature, humidity and CO2. In case of exceeded set limits alarms are indicated by LED, LCD and acoustically by built-in beeper.

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Environment of Use Indoor
Measured Parameters Temperature, H / R and CO2
With Display LCD
IP Classification IP64
Communications Cable USB-C
Memory Capacity 260,000 readings
Warranty Period 3 years

The recording is performed in a non-volatile electronic memory. The data can be transferred to a PC via USB-C.

Recorder includes Traceable calibration certificate with declared metrological traceability of etalons is based on requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

on / off LCD has a negligible effect on battery life, consumption is mainly determined by CO2 measurement, so I offer the following two variants:
measurement interval T, RH: 10 s
record interval: 10/15 min
For CO2 measurement interval: 2 min, the theoretical battery life is 160 days (without active optical and acoustic signaling)
For CO2 measurement interval: 10 min, the theoretical battery life is 24 months (without active optical and acoustic signaling)

Measured value
Counted values ​​(dew point ...)

Measuring range -20 to +60 ° C
Accuracy ± 0.4 ° C
Resolution 0.1 ° C

Measurement range 0 to 100% RH
Accuracy ± 1.8% RH
Resolution 0.1% RH

Measuring range -90 to +60 ° C
Accuracy ± 1.5 ° C at ambient temperature T <25 ° C and RH> 30%
Resolution 0.1 ° C

Measurement range 0 to 5000 ppm
Accuracy ± (50ppm + 3% from reading) at 25 ° C and 1013hPa
Resolution 1 ppm

Operating temperature -20 to +60 ° C
Channels internal sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2
Memory 500,000 values ​​in noncyclic logging mode; 350,000 values ​​in cyclic record mode
Adjustable recording interval from 1 s to 24 h
Adjustable display and alarm update 1 s, 10 s, 1 min
Noncyclic recording mode - data logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Real-time clock year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second
SONY LiIon 5200mAh battery power
Protection class IP20
Dimensions 61 x 93 x 53 mm
Weight (including batteries) approx. 250 g
3 year warranty

Included in delivery:

    Traceable calibration certificate
    Rechargeable battery
    Power adapter
    USB-C cable
    Free basic Windows software ready to download

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