AO-LHC-40 Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator -35ºC ... 165ºC


Leyro Instruments


Fast, Compact and Light
High Calibration Capacity
Insert Ø 60mm Length 165mm
Various types of inserts
Temperature range: -35ºC… 165ºC *
Stability: ± 0.03ºC
Warranty: 3 Years

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The AO-LCH-40 Portable Dry Block temperature calibrator for temperature calibrations between -35ºC ... 165ºC *, offers a versatile solution for calibrating thermocouples in industrial environments, offering excellent performance in stability and uniformity, as well as time Quick response The AO-LHC-40 is easy to use, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Thanks to the large size of the insert, it has a large drilling capacity and can calibrate a large number of thermocouples at the same time. Diameter of dry block 60 mm and depth 165 mm.

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