CL1201 High Temperature dry Block Calibrator





High Temperature dry Block Calibrator (400 a 1200ºC)


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The CL1201 is designed to provide very precise thermal calibration and repeatable between 400 ° C and 1200 ° C for a wide variety of thermocouples and other temperature sensors in sectors like for example of glassmaking, generation of energy, automotive and materials processing. This dry block portable thermocouple gauge, durable and affordable price comes with a NIST traceable certificate. The unit offers excellent stability to ±0, 1 ° C, and superior accuracy to ±3 ° C between 400 and 1200 ° C.

Gauge block CL1201 used a design of heater for an optimal temperature uniformity and fast warm-up speeds. The heating system consists of the heater elements in lightweight ceramic fiber moldings shaped vacuum that allow faster heating rates and extend the useful life more than other designs of ceramic tubes that have elements of the heater around a ceramic tube. An Assembly of isothermal block manufactured machine with a special alloy provides excellent thermal conductivity and resists to oxidation by high temperatures.

This block is designed to optimize the performance between sufficient mass to stability and uniformity and to have a low enough mass as to provide calentamientoenfriamiento speeds and short periods of stabilization. RS232 communications are standard.

  • Temperature calibrator for a temperature range of 400 to 1200 ºC (752 to 2192 ºF)
  • Simple to use
  • Highly accurate full range ± 3 °C (± 6 °F) and excellent stabilities up to ± 0.1 °C (± 0.2 °F)
  • Calibrate thermocouples and RTD
  • Multi-hole insertion block for accurate comparison calibration
  • Interchangeable test wells
  • Rapid heating / cooling speeds
  • Automatic cooling of the fan
  • Rugged case with handle
  • Completely portable for factory, laboratory and instrument workshops
  • RS232 communications standard
  • Free software
  • Includes NIST certificate

Minimum temperature: 400 °C (752 °F)
Maximum temperature: 1200 °C (2192 °F)
Screen accuracy: ± 3 °C (± 6 ºF)
Uniformity of temperature: ± 0.2 °C
(± 0.4 °F)
Temperature stability: ± 0.2 °C
(± 0.4 °F) at 1200 °C (2192 °F) after 20 minutes
Screen resolution: 0.1° to 999.9 subsequently 1° to 1200 °C
Selectable: °C or °F
Heating speed: 100 to 1200 °C, 20 min.
Cooling speed: 1200 to 200 °C, 140 min.
Cooling fan: automatic
Power: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1600 W
Large insert size: 34 mm in diameter x 155 mm in depth (1.33 x 6.10 ')
Dimensions: 350 mm high x 198 mm wide x 279 mm deep
(13.8 x 7.8 x 11.0 ')
Weight: 10 kg (22 pounds)

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