AO-1500-DSHA Laser Range Finder - Measures distance (1500m), speed, height, angle.



Laser range finder telescope adopts 7 x 26 large diameter multi - layer coating optical lens.

Measures distance and speed, height, angle, objective indicator signal, etc.

Laser rangefinder for Golf.
Outdoor rangefinder / telescope for Golf, Hunting, Construction, Sports and other applications. Hand distance meter.

227,00 €

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Laser range finder telescope, adopts 7 x 26 large diameter multi - layer coating optical lens, to ensure adequate light through, with six kinds of measurement mode, ranging, speed, height, side angle, space two point, Golf flagpole scan.

Internal use of 6 - axis sensor, more accurate measurement, the reaction is more sensitive. Fuselage with anti - skid decoration, solid material, beautiful design, with waterproof,dustproof and non-slip design.

The whole product is small and convenient, one handhold type, using 3 V lithium battery, over 5000 pcs operating times, which is widely used in terrain measurement, industrial monitoring and control, mining, ports and other fields.