AO-LCA-50 Advanced Calibration Bath with temperature range 30ºC to 225ºC View larger

AO-LCA-50 Advanced Calibration Bath with temperature range 30ºC to 225ºC




-Temperature range 30… 225ºC
-Temperature control: Int / Ext
- Immersion depth: 190 mm
-Stability: 0.01ºC
-Resolution: 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001ºC
-Precision: 0.1ºC
-Uniformity: 0,05ºC
-Fast response time

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Portable thermostatic calibration bath, with temperature range from 30°C ... 225°C).
It offers a depth of immersion of 190 mm/7.48 inches and a diameter of 60 mm, which allows a high working range.
AO laboratory baths offer the best performance for the most demanding precision calibrations.
Thanks to the continuous regulation magnetic stirrer, it allows
homogenize the calibration area, which makes it one of the most reliable equipment thanks to its high stability of 0.01°C, accuracy of 0.1°C and a better uniformity of 0.05°C.

General data:
-PID temperature controller with 4.3 inch color touch screen
-Registration functions
-Programmes and trend charts
-Adjustable magnetic stirrer speed by potentiometer
-High temperature stability up to ± 0.01 ° C
-Temperature uniform better than ± 0.05ºC
-Integrated Pt100 probe for reference temperature measurements
-Ethernet communications and two USB ports
-Temperature chamber with basket for temperature probes to be calibrated.

Operating temperature range (ºC): 30… 225 ºC
Temperature Control: Int / Ext PT100 Temperature Control (3/4 Threads) Switch
Temperature stability: (ºC) ± 0.01 ºC
Uniformity: ± 0.05 ° C
Resolution: 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001ºC
Accuracy: 0.1ºC
Well Diameter: 60mm
Well depth: 190 mm
Well capacity: 0.7 liters
Warm-up time: from 25 to 220ºC: 42 Minutes
Cooling time: 220 to 100ºC 35 minutes
Housing and assembly: Portable
Dimensions: W x H x H (cm) 280 x 370 x 490
Weight: 13.2 kg
Power supply: 110… 230 Vac 50/60 Hz

-Calibration laboratories
-Testing laboratories
-Universities / R&D Centers
-Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
-Food industry

Basic instrument AO-LCA-50
Magnetic stirrer enteflonado, Basket and network cable.
Certificate 3.1 Traceable

Troley carrying case with wheels and handle.
ENAC calibration certificate
Methacrylate lid to hold probes with 5 holes
Temperature control Ext / Inter (Switch).

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