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Benefits of the CR-2

• Wide Range: down to -100 °C (15 ppb)

• Fast Response Time: typically 10-20 seconds

• Inherent Stability and Accuracy

• NIST-traceable

• Very Low Maintenance

The CR-2 exhibits the same wide range, fast response and high reliability as the CR-1A, but it is designed specifically for aircraft and similar high-stress applications. Instead of using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), mirror cooling is accomplished using a tactical cryocooler, which is a high-tech device used primarily to cool IR detectors in missiles and tank turrets to LN2 temperatures.

Maintenance requirements for the CR-2 are minimal. Aside from occasional mirror cleaning, the cryocooler needs to be renewed every 10,000 hours of use. Both the control circuitry and the sensing assembly are mounted together into a single compact unit. A separate display module is provided that displays the dew / frost point and housekeeping signals. (For aircraft operation, the display module is not required.)

The CR-2 include a ±0.1% accuracy pressure transducer, essential in demanding applications for compensating the dew/frost point temperature for minute differences between sample chamber pressure and atmospheric pressure.

CR-2 Hygrometer Specifications

Measurement Range
Dew / frost point temperature -100 to +30°C
Lowest Concentration ppbv 15
Reading Accuracy °C
Entire Range ±0.1°C
Concentration ±2%
Typical Response Time 10-20 seconds
Operating Range
Temperature -40 to +60°C
Pressure, psia (bar) 5 to 30 psia (0.3 to 2 bar)
Air / Gas flow range 0.2 to 3 liters/min
Altitude 0 to 25 km
Cooling Mechanism Stirling Cycle Cryocooler
Power Requirements
Standard 28 vdc, < 50 W
Optional 115-220 vac, 50-400Hz, < 50 W
Outputs 0-10V, 4-20mA, Alarm, RS-232

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