Apogee AT-100 microCache Bluetooth Micro Logger


Apogee Instruments


The AT-100 connects directly to several Apogee sensors.

It features live meter mode, standalone data logging, and graphing using our free Apogee Connect App for iOS and Android.

495,00 €

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Environment of Use Indoor/Outdoor
Application Meteorology
IP Classification IP67
Warranty Period 4 years

The new Apogee microCache (µCache) is a ruggedized, battery-powered, Bluetooth® Low Energy, single-sensor datalogging device.

It can be used with Apogee's SQ-110 Original Quantum, SQ-500 Full-spectrum Quantum, SQ-620 Extended Range PFD sensor, SQ-640 Quantum Light Pollution sensor, SP-700 Albedometer, S2-141 PAR-FAR sensor, S2-131 Red - Far-red sensor, SP-110 Silicon-cell Pyranometer, SP-510-SS and SP-610-SS Thermopile Pyranometers, SU-200 UV-A sensor, and the SI-100 Series of Infrared Radiometers.

When used as a standalone field-logging device, the unit features enough memory to store 9 months of one minute data using the internal battery. Data can be viewed on your mobile device using our free Apogee Connect App software for iOS and Android devices, with a Wifi gateway coming soon. Apogee Connect features live meter mode, real-time graphing, and the ability to send datasets to your computer via email.

AT-100 comes with complimentary AM-020 Apogee PVC Sensor Platform.

View your Real-time Data:
Transmits real-time data to iOS and Android devices using the Apogee Connect app.

Datalogging Mode:
Stores over 400,000 entries, (9 months of 1-minute data) with programmable sampling and logging Intervals.

High Resolution Readings:
Processor features a 24 bit analog-to-digital converter.

Rugged Housing:
IP67 rated for harsh environments.

Compatible with Multiple Apogee Sensors:
Currently connects with the SQ-100X Original X Quantum, SQ-500 Full-spectrum Quantum, SQ-610 ePAR sensor, SQ-640 Quantum Light Pollution sensor, SL-510/610 Pyrgeometers, SP-710 Albedometer Package, S2-141 PAR-FAR sensor, S2-131 Red - Far-red sensor, SP-110 Silicon-cell Pyranometer, SP-510-SS and SP-610-SS Thermopile Pyranometers, SU-200 UV-A sensor, SE-100 Photometric sensor, and SI-100 Series Infrared Radiometers.

Warranty and Support:
The µCache is backed by a 4 year warranty and outstanding customer support.

The free Apogee Connect app provides useful interfaces for several Apogee Sensors:
Quantum Sensors: Measure DLI, Photoperiod, Peak Intensity
Shows real-time readings, graphs, and tables of photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), daily light integral (DLI), and photo period. Includes adjustable darkness offsets, an optional immersion correction factor, and custom sample averaging settings.

PAR-FAR and Red - Far-red Sensors:
Measure PFD, PAR - FAR, Percent Far-red, Red - Far-red Ratio

App displays individual readings of PAR, Red, and Far-red, depending which sensor is connected. Displays real-time values and graphs and data-tables of recorded Photon Flux Density, PAR/Far-red, Percentage Far Red, the Red - Far-red ratio, Daily Light Integral, and Photoperiod.

Infrared Radiometers:
Target Canopy Temperature

Shows instantaneous and logged target temperature, sensor body temperature, and allows input of custom calibration coefficients.

Global Solar Radiation

Shows instantaneous and daily total of Global shortwave radiation. Can connect to upward and downward pyranometer models for albedometer readings.

More sensors available soon!

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