AO-D1 DIN-RAIL Integrator for Rogowski coil




• High read accuracy 0.5%
• Easy to install with DIN-RAIL
• High bandwidth for measurement 5 to 20kHz
• Lower zero drift down to 2mV

65,00 €

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The Sensor measures: AC Current

Rogowski coil output is a weak mV voltage signal.
AO-D1 Integrator has the ability to amplify and convert this signal to a standard signal which could 
be captured by a multimeter or scope.

• Rogowski coil output is proportional to the frequency of the measured current, the signal equalization ensures a linear
response on a wide frequency range.
AO-D1 allows to use coils on different electrical network frequencies, keeping the same output level over the frequencies.
• An integrator is essential to equalize and shift by 90° the output signal from the Rogowski coils. It consists of an active electronic circuit with negligible offset and a good linearity.

AO-D1 can be combined with any model and size of AO-YTFC or AO-TFC Rogowski coils.
The available values are: 0-5VDC,0-5VAC,4-20mAC.
On request the input value can be customized according to the application.
AO-D1 and Rogowski coil is a very flexible system, suitable for high power load analysis, impulsive current monitoring, DC ripple measurement, etc.
Due to its specific features, flexible Rogowski coil is an extremely comfortable solution for current measurement and

can be used in a number of cases where a traditional current transducer is not the adequate solution.

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