AO-S9-20 Mini-Integrator for Rogowski coil with 4V DC (true-rms) output




• High read accuracy 0.5%
• Smart volume for limited space installation
• Low power consumption
• Lower zero drift down to 5mV
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The Sensor measures: AC Current
Output Signal: 0 - 4 VDC
Cable Length: 2m
Sensors Accessories: Various

The AO-S9 is a Rogowski mini coil integrator that combines with a power meter or PLC in a plastic enclosure powered directly from the mains.

What does Integrator do?
• The Rogowski coil output is a weak mV voltage signal, AO-S9 has the ability to amplify it and convert it to a standard signal that could be trapped by the Meter and Range.
• The output of the Rogowski coil is proportional to the frequency of the measured current, the equalization of the signal guarantees a linear response over a wide range of frequencies. AO-S9 allows to use coils in different frequencies of electrical network, maintaining the same level of output on the frequencies.
• An integrator is essential for equalizing and displacing the output signal of the Rogowski coils by 90 °. It consists of an active electronic circuit with insignificant deviation and good linearity.

AO-S9 can be combined with any model and size of AO-YTFC or AO-TFC Rogowski coils.
The available values ​​are: 0-10VDC, 0-10V peak, 333mV rms.
On request, the input value can be customized according to the application.
The AO-S9 and Rogowski coil is a very flexible system, suitable for high power load analysis, impulse current monitoring, DC ripple measurement, etc.
Due to its specific characteristics, the flexible Rogowski coil is an extremely comfortable solution for the current measurement and can be used in a number of cases where the traditional current transducer is not the right solution.

Model AO-S9-10 AO-S9-20
Rated output 333V AC rms 4V DC(true-rms)
Maximum Output(overload) 4.5V AC peak 4.5V DC
Output Ripple factor 1% Default 5% (relay to Response time)
Response time ≤1us Default 100ms(adjustable)
Power consumption 70mW 100mW
Bandwidth 10Hz to 10kHz 30Hz to 1kHz
Power supply  5V or 6-12V 5V or 7-12V
Rated Input 500A
Read Accuracy 1% typical at 1%(≥10A) to 200% of rated Current @25℃
Phase error ≤0.5°
Linearity ±0.2% of reading(1% to 200% of range)
Minimum Current measurement 1A (Ripple 100mA)
Output on 0A
(zero drift)
(rated outut ≥2.5V:zero drift<10mV)
Temperature drift 200ppm/℃
Weight 20g
Dimension 62.5*19*11mm
Operating temperature -20℃ to 70℃
Storage temperature -30℃ to 90℃
Relative humidity: 80% max.without condensation
Protection degree: IP20

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