SP-510-SS Upward Facing Thermopile Pyranometer


Apogee Instruments


The SP-510 is an upward facing thermopile pyranometer with a 0 to 100 mV analog output. The sensor incorporates a blackbody thermopile detector and acrylic diffuser with a rugged, self-cleaning sensor housing design, and a high-quality cable terminated in pre-tinned flexible cables for easy connection to data loggers and controllers.

465,00 €

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Typical applications include the measurement of short wave radiation in agricultural, ecological and hydrological meteorological networks. Sensors are also used to optimize photovoltaic systems.
These sensors can also be coupled with our downward-facing pyranometer to form an albedometer. For this application, we recommend the Apogee SP-710-SS Albedometer Sensor Package, which consists of an SP-510-SS upward facing pyranometer, a SP-610-SS downward facing pyranometer, an AY-001 differential divider, and a AW-605-SS cable of 5 meters. For mounting on a mast or directly on a solar panel, we recommend using the AL-130 albedometer mounting bracket or the AM-500 network radiometer mounting bracket combined with an AM-130 mounting accessory with 12 "rod. .

The sensor includes an IP68 marine grade stainless steel cable connector 12 inches from the head to simplify removal and replacement of the sensor for maintenance and recalibration.

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