The rain sensor electronics respond to the electrical conductivity of the water to open/close devices such as blinds, skylights, etc.

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The Sensor measures: Rain/Snow/Hail/Sleet/Freezing
Output Signal: Pulses
Cable Length: 1 meter
Power Supply: 12 V
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

If the sensor plate comes into contact with rain or snow, fog or hail, a relay is activated. The blinds can be retracted with this, the skylights can be closed or a rain alarm can be activated.

The automatically heated surface of the sensor prevents any freezing or wetting of the sensor surface.
2 installed LEDs indicate function. The electronics are encapsulated in an impermeable form.

Technical Data
Operating voltage 12 V/DC
Current consumption without / with heating ca. 8 / 160 mA
Relay contact 1 x ON, maximum load 25 V, 2 A
Sensor heating automatically in case of contact with rain
Light-emitting diode 1 indication that the rain sensor works
Light-emitting diode 2 indication that rain is reported and the relay has switched on
Duty cycle of the relay as long as the sensor is wet
The module is encapsulated waterproof.
Active sensor surface, gold-plated ca. 29 x 30 mm
Dimensions ca. 65 x 45 x 36 mm

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