Economic rain gauge with 2 pulse outputs via 2 reed relays (RAIN-O-MATIC2)




Low cost Rain Gauge with 2 pulse o/p reed relays. (PCB 9602)

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The Sensor measures: Rain (rain gauge)
Output Signal: Pulses
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

The Rain-O-Matic is an innovative product with a funcional design. This rain collector is conceived to be used outdoors and to connect it to a digital pulse counter.

For every mm of rain recieved by the rain collector, an automatic emptying device is activated. This is registered in the LCD counter by means of an impulse. By registering the number of impulses (=number of mm rain), the LCD counter records the total amount of rain received, which can be read off at any time on the LCD display.

Rain-O-Matic has been subjected to 2 years of demanding tests at the Danish Agricultural Testing Laboratory (Dansk Landbrugs Testlaboratorium) and the State Appliance Testing Institute (Statens Redskabsprøver)'s results have placed it among the world's most accurate rain-gauges.

Rain-O-Matic is frostproof, exceptionally reliable, and has an accuracy varying less than 2% over a 2-year period.

- Digital pulse counter not included.

- Rain collector, orifice 5 x 10 cm = 50 cm2
- PCB No. 9602 has a terminal strip and two reed switches. The reed switches are NO – normally open and NC - normally closed.
- Resolution: 1 mm rain pr. Tip
- Calibration: 5 grams pr. Tip.

Sensor Specifications

- Resolution: 1 mm

Electrical Specifications

- Output Signal: 2 reed relays (one NO & one NC) : one 'NO' (normally open) + one 'NC' (normally closed)

Mechanical Specifications

- Material: Styrosun®, plastic ABS & PA5
- Dimensions: 100 x 99 x 50 mm
- Weight: 119 g

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