AO-270397 1/2 inch automatic water level control BALL Valve




When the water level drops, it is filled by automatic replenishement.
When the water level rises, the filling stops.

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The Sensor measures: Water level

Filling valve. Accessory for tanks or water tanks.

Pumps and plumbing: automatic control of 1/2 inch water level

Ball filling valve.

Very simple installation.

1/2" Automatic Water Level Control Valve Ball Cock Fill Valve Solar Accessories Water Tank

No need to use electricity, water filled automatically stop, the water is automatically filled.Floating ball valve is suitable for water tower, pool, a water tank, a cooling tower, commercial solar electric water boiler, hotel kitchen automatic water, steaming box and a variety of water level control of the container.
When the decline in the water level in the pool or a water tower, floating ball valve is opened to drain, water inlet pipe water pressure will hold the valve piston, the sealing surface of open, water supply valve is open, when the water level rises to the control valve, ball float valve is closed, the downward movement of the piston sealing surface will be closed, the valve to stop water supply.
1. Acid and alkali, not rust.
2. Easy installation and maintenance, no need to use electricity, environmental protection.
3. Work stable and reliable. In the specified use pressure range, can ensure that no water hammer impact.
Specifications :
Pressure : 0.2-1.0Mpa
Working Temp : ≤65℃
Size : 10 x 6 X 8.7cm(L X W X H)
Outlet Diameter : 1.5cm
Type : 1/2" Threaded Adaptor
How to install:
1.When installed, the float must be vertical downward.
2.First, the inlet pipe is fixed on the horizontal plane.
3.And then the valve is in the inlet pipe according to the specifications.
Clean the impurities in the pipeline before installation.
The direction of the arrow is the direction of the flow.
Package include :
1 x 1/2" Automatic Water Level Control ball cock
1 x Filter

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