3595-1C1 - 20 Channel Analogue Reed Relay IMP




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Environment of Use Indoor/Outdoor
Type of Logger Multicanal
Measured Parameters mV/V
Number of Channels 20

The 35951C1 is a replacement for the original 35951C unit, which is proving compatible with the original for applications encountered so far. It has similar measurement ranges and accuracies to the original product and offers enhanced measurement resolutions and additional integration times on a per channel basis. It also supports improved drift correct measurement options, without compromising compatibility.

It is compatible with the SNET communications and power supply features of the original product and operates on a network driven from a 35954C for example. It is the same size, has identical fixing positions, and it has interchangeable connector blocks with the original product.


  • Compatible Communications with 3595 series.
  • Compatible enclosure and connector blocks.
  • Thermocouple, resistance, RTD, voltage and current measurements in rugged enclosure.
  • 20 Channels per Module – precision reed relay isolation. Individually programmable.
  • Precision 3 and 4 wire resistance and RTD measurements. (35951Q1)
  • Enhanced 14 to 19/20 bit resolution. 100 to 10 measurements per second.
  • Enclosed connector blocks. Dual sensor accurate Cold Junction Compensation.
  • Thermocouple health monitoring Temperatures in ‘C or ‘F unit.

Number of channels / module: 20/10
Number of poles / channel: 3/6
Connector type input channels: Standard 3595 series Isothermal Enclosure Screw Terminals
Measurement modes: V DC (mV DC, uVDC) Thermocouple CJC temperature
Sensor health: Thermocouple types K,J,T,R,S,E,B,N
Thermocouple compensation: Dual sensors

Current Measurement:

Sensitivity ( 100R shunt fitted): <10nA

Accuracy as for voltage ranges + shunt accuracy

Measurement resolutions supported:

  • 19/20 bits at 9 measurements/s
  • 18/19 bits at 20 measurements/s
  • 17 bits at 30 measurements/s
  • 17 bits at 40 measurements/s
  • 15 bits at 80 measurements/s
  • 14 bits at 100 measurements/s
  • Number of bits includes sign counted as 1 bit.

50 Hz Mains frequency interference rejection is provided by 17 and 20bit modes 60 Hz mains interference rejection is provided by 17,19 and 20 bit modes. .

Higher Measurement rates possible by disabling drift correct measurements.

Input voltage ranges:    +12V >-12V
                                           +2.0V >-2.0V
                                           +200mV >-200mV
                                           +30mV >-30mV

 Automatic range selection is supported.

DC measurement accuracy +/- 0.015% of reading + 0.01% of range + 4uV

Temperature coefficients DC voltage: 25ppm rdg + 0.1uV/ o C
Measurement sensitivity 30mV range 18 bits: <0.25uV 

Additional error at 80 & 100/sec mode 0.03% of range

SNET Interface: SNET standard compatible

Status LED’s: 4

Function: Power, Communication, ADC fault, Calibration error

Safety: EN61010-1:2010, EN61010-2-30:2010

EMC: EN55011:2009, EN 61326-2-1:2006

Case size: 435*215*34.5mm

Protrusion of cable boots: 45mm

Weight: 3.23kg

Operating Temperature Range:  -20 to 70oC

Relative Humidity(non condensing): 85% at 40oC

Vibration: 1g 10hz to 400Hz in 3 planes

Programming storage: Secure flash memory

Calibration temperature is 21’C

For protection against transients and ground loops.

Isolation test voltage IMP to IMP or to SNET: Tested at 500V

Channel overload protection: Passive. 50V continuous

Interference Rejection:

AC 50/60Hz

Common mode rejection ratio channel group: <0.1uV/V
Single channel common mode rejection ratio: <1uV/V
Series mode rejection ratio 50 or 60 Hz +/- 0.05%: <1uV/V

Note: reed scanners are not suitable for direct connection to power circuits

Current Measurement

Sensitivity ( 100R shunt fitted): <10nA

Accuracy as for voltage ranges + shunt accuracy

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