TAS240-EW Easywire "Plug and Play" 3-Phase Measuring Current Transformer. Ranges: 60 to 200A

Rayleigh Instruments


Plug-and-Play Three-Phase Current Transformer with Patented Technology from Rayleigh Instruments. 333 mV secondary Output. Ranges: 60 to 200A

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This system is safer than using traditional current transformers because Easywire transformers incorporate the resistive shunts usually located within the power meter. This means that the secondaries are always loaded, therefore eliminating the possibility of dangerously high voltages developing during open circuit conditions

The TAS240-EW is a 75mm wide three phase measuring current transformer designed for use with the Easywire multifunction power meters. This current transformer has three 15.5 x 30mm holes and is available with primary currents from 60A to 160A .

Internal safety circuitry is provided which automatically limits the output voltage to a safe level, allowing the transformer secondary to be left open circuit under load

DIN rail mounting clip, Busbar mounting and fixing feet included

The TAS240-EW uses the Easywire technology allowing much faster installation saving you time and money. Additionally, all our three phase phase current transformers have been designed with hole centres and apertures to fit most standard industrial circuit breakers


  • Ranges: 60 to 200A (330mV Secondary)
  • Cable aperture : 3 @ 15.5 x 30mm
  • Primary current : 60 to 200A
  • Accuracy Class 1
  • 25mm hole centres
  • Housing Material Self extinguishing Nylon IEC185 classification VO according to UL-94
  • Weight : 500g


H=80, W=75, D=75

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