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Meteo-UX120-006 Outdoor & Underground Logger with 4 channels



Outdoor Data Logger with 4 Analog Channels. 

245,00 €

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Number of Channels 4 Analog
ADC Bits 16 bit
Precision ± 1.544 mV
Resolution 0.6mV
With Display Yes
IP Classification IP67
Communications USB
Battery Life 1 year
Memory Capacity 1.9 million measurements
  • Meteo-U12-006: HOBO® four external 16 Bit channels for outdoor use with PVC 110 mmØ Meteo-case and 4 grommets for external channels.
  • Capacity of 1,9 million 16 bit readings.
  • USB COMMS directly with the PC.
  • USB port of the logger is accesible when the Meteo case lid is opened.
  • 4 external channels for use in underground or outdoor applications

HOBO UX120-006M Logger Features:

The HOBO UX120-006M Analog Logger is a high-performance (16-bit), LCD display data logger for building performance monitoring applications.

As Onset’s highest-accuracy data logger, it provides twice the accuracy of previous models, a deployment-friendly LCD, and flexible support up to four external sensors for measuring temperature, current, CO2, voltage and more.

The logger is ideal for energy audits, building commissioning studies, equipment scheduling, and more.

  • Twice the accuracy over previous models with 16-bit resolution
  • Flexible support for a wide range of external sensors
  • LCD confirms logger operation and displays near real-time measurement data
  • Provides minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation logging options
  • On-screen alarms notify you when a sensor reading exceeds set thresholds
  • Stores 1.9 million measurements for longer deployments between offloads

Environment: The UX120-006M Data Logger is for use in Outdoor environments

Measurements: The UX120-006M Data Logger supports the following measurements (some sensors sold separately):

Temperature, 4-20mA, AC Current, AC Voltage, Air Velocity, Carbon Dioxide, soil humidity, etc.
IMPORTANT: HOBO data loggers require HOBOware software (USB interface cable included w/CD purchase).

Onset Hobo Data Loggers

Onset Computer Corporation

The Meteo case is an accessory for the HOBO U12 Data Loggers. It provides a convenient and safe place for use in outdoor applications and has 4 grommets for up to 4 external sensors.

Aloja un registrador HOBO de la serie U12 (otras medidas de la caja Meteo-1 pueden alojar más registradores)
Dispone de varios pasamuros por donde salen los sensores hacia el exterior
Permite enterrar el conjunto Registrador/Sensores de forma conveniente para una prolongada protección
Submergible for short periods and under certain conditions.
Incluye tapa roscada estanca, acolchado interior acolchado y 2 barritas de desecante
Dimensions: 90 mm diameter case (other diameters under order: 110mm & 125 mm)

Field use:
The Meteo case is for use in interior, exterior and under water (for short periods and under certain conditions).

Compatible Sensors: