Walz PAM-CONTROL Universal Control Unit




The PAM-CONTROL unit conducts PAM fluorescence measurements independently but it also acts as interface between fluorometer and a Windows computer running the version 2 or 3 of the WinControl software.

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Type of Instrument Chlorophyll Fluorometers
The instrument measures: Chlorophyll Fluorescence

The PAM-CONTROL unit is part of various PAM systems, which all employ a highly sensitive photomultiplier tube for fluorescence detection: the MICROSCOPY-PAM, the MICROFIBER-PAM, and the WATER-PAM FIBER Version. In all three systems, an automatic shutdown procedure protects the photomultiplier tube against damage by high fluorescence levels or external light.

The memory of the unit can store 4000 data sets. An extensive menu provides full control of instrumental settings and a variety of measuring protocols.

Data Evaluation:
Saturating pulse analysis with automatic detection and calculation of standard fluorescence parameters: F0, FM, F0’ (measured or calculated), FM’, F, FV/FM, qP, qL, qN, NPQ, Y(II), Y(NPQ), Y(NO), ETR.

Data Export:
Export in CSV or TXT format of original fluorescence traces, saturating pulse analysis data and parameter estimates of light response curves.

Automated Routines:
Repetitive triggering of many fluorometer functions (e.g., saturation pulse analysis, induction curves). Automatic execution of light and induction curves, offset correction and calibration of internal light sensor.

Customer-defined Measuring Protocols:
Execution of customized experimental procedures using batch files.

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