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Liquid sample holder is a cell for dielectric measurements of liquids at elevated temperature.

Typical use:

  • Dielectric measurements of liquids at RT - 200°C
  • Replaces a standard support tube assembly 
  • Use in combination with e.g. heating mantle 
  • ca. 0.1 – 0.5 ml measured volumes

The ProboStat system can be equipped with a liquid cell assembly to measure the dielectric constant of liquids at high temperatures. The current version can be used up to about 200°C, but the system can be modified to be used at even higher temperatures.

Accessories for measuring dielectric constants of liquids at elevated temperature and in controlled atmospheres

The liquid cell accessories comprise the following special parts:

  • A large-diameter metal support tube on a socket that fits on the pedestal of the ProboStat.
  • A metal sample container cup that forms the sample compartment walls and acts as guard electrode. The bottom electrode is fastened in the cup by a PEEK insulator and Viton O-ring seals. These parts are detachable for replacement and rinsing. Metal disk electrodes with special electrode contact wire pairs. Teflon spacer-ring(s) with a groove ring to define the sample volume. The sample volume is 16 mm in diameter and 0.50, 1.00 or 2.00 mm high. Teflon spacer-ring(s) with a groove ring to define the sample volume.  Teflon tube with cut-outs for spring load and electrode wires. Spring load assembly consisting of isolated Kanthal wire
  • The materials used that are in contact with the liquid are brass, PEEK, and Teflon. This should allow an operating temperature in the hot part of the cell of at least 200°C.

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