Multichannel Electrochemical Workstation / FRA 10uHz - 1MHz / ZRA, (10V/2A/0.6fA) ZIVE MP2A




- Battery/Supercapacitor
- Solar Cell
- Fuel Cell
- Corrosion
- Material Testing
- Sensor/BioElectrochemistry

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Number of channels Multichannel
Current Range 2 A

The ZIVE MP2A, the outstanding multichannel Potentiostate/ Galvanostat/FRA, is the best choice for the complete DC and impedance characterization of corrosion, coating, sensor and other fundamental electrochemical analysis. And also, its versatile functions make it suitabe to other application including various energy sources and storage such as fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, and super capacitors.
Each channel is designed under FPGA and DSP control with high speed capability.

DAC Control
Two sets of high speed 16bit DAC(50MHz) for offset & scanning & one set   of 16bit DAC(1MHz) for auxiliary analog output control.

ADC Reading
Two sets of 16 bit 500kHz ADC for reading voltage/current and 4 channel  16bit 250kHz ADCs for auxiliary data input such as temperature,   auxiliary voltage etc. It provides high frequency EIS, fast pulse techniques   and high speed sampling time.

Each channel of ZIVE MP2A is equipped with a Frequency Response Analyzer(FRA) as standard and it provides high performance impedance measurements over the frequency range 10uHz to 2MHz.

The ZRA(zero resistance ammeter) function can measure max. 2Amp in  galvanic corrosion technique.

The system is supplied with four(4) advanced software packages, which are catagorized by application fields. With this advanced software packages, user can widen ZIVE MP2A’s flexibility.

-  ±10V @ 2Amp control range per channel
Wide current ranges(2A to 200pA) for various applications (200pA with gain)
Independent operation by FPGA with DSP
Built-in FRA per channel for impedance measurement Simultaneous 3 auxiliary voltage measurements  Temperature measurement as standard
1 auxiliary analog output
3 digital outputs & 2 digital inputs
External booster(ZB series) interface for high current application External multiplexer(MUX series) interface for a sequential measurements on multiple electrochemical cells

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