ZIVE SP2 Potentiostat + EIS 2MHz (- Compliance: ±12V - Max. Current: ±2A, 0.6fA)




The best choice for the complete DC and impedance characterization of various electrochemical applications. The system is designed under FPGA and DSP control with high speed capability.
DAC Control: Two sets of high speed 16bit DAC (50 MHz) for offset & scanning & one set of 16bit DAC (1 MHz) for auxiliary analog output control
ADC Reading: Two sets of 16 bit 500 kHz ADC for reading voltage/current and 4 channel 16 bit 250 kHz ADCs for auxiliary data input such as temperature, auxiliary voltage etc. It provides high frequency EIS, fast pulse techniques and high speed sampling time.

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ZIVE SP2 is equipped with a Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for system as standard and it provides high performance impedance measurements over the frequency range 10 uHz to 2 MHz. The ZRA (zero resistance ammeter) function can measure max. 2 Amp in galvanic corrosion technique. The system is supplied with four (4) advanced software packages, which are catagorized by application fields. With this advanced software packages, user can widen ZIVE SP2’s flexibility.

System Features:

  • Versatile high quality Potentiostat / Galvanostat / Impedance Analyzer
  • Compact size with full functions
  • FRA function to control an external electronic load or 3 rd party potentiostat/galvanostat is available as standard
  • 14 EIS techniques capability including multisine
  • Current interrupt IR measurement IR compensation (dynamic, positive feedback)
  • Bipolar pulse capability
  • Voltage pulse or current pulse charge / discharge test (GSM,CDMA etc.), sine wave function for ripple simulation in battery test package & pulse plating available
  • High speed data sampling time:

               - 50 usec / sample in burst mode
               - 1 msec / sample in normal mode
               - 2 usec / sample in fast sweep mode

  • Fast sweep mode (5000V/sec with 10 mV data sampling)
  • 3 measurement / control voltage ranges & 12 measurement/control current ranges
  • Internal 295,000 data point storage and continuing experiment regardless of PC failure.
  • Full software packages are included as standard:

              - Corrosion test software package (COR)
              - EIS test software package (EIS)
              - Electrochemical analysis software package (EAS)
              - Energy software package (BAT)

  • Multichannel configuration available
  • Free software upgrade

Hardware Features:

  • ±10V@2Amp control range
  • Wide current ranges (2 A to 20 pA) for various applications (200pA and 20pA ranges are with gain)
  • Independent operation by FPGA with DSP
  • Built-in FRA for impedance measurement
  • Smart LCD display
  • Simultaneous 3 auxiliary voltage measurements Temperature measurement as standard
  • 1 auxiliary analog output
  • 3 digital outputs & 2 digital inputs
  • External booster (ZB series) interface for high current application
  • External multiplexer (MUX series) interface for a sequential measurements on multiple electrochemical cells


The ZIVE SP2’s system comes with additional three analog inputs (auxiliary voltage input) and 1 analog output along with 3 digital outputs and 2 digital inputs, and one temperature input for K type thermocouple. It will help users expand the usage of the instrument.

For example,

1. User can measure the voltage between working and reference electrode and, by using 2 additional analog inputs (auxiliary voltage input), user can also measure the voltage between reference and counter electrode and working and counter electrode as well.
2. With analog output, the system can control rotating speed of the rotator, MFC flow rate etc. by ±10V full scale.
3. User can control on/off of max. 3 devices by DO etc.

Safety and Maintenance:

1. Even though the communication failure occurs between PC and ZIVE SP2, the system continues its experiment on channel and saves the data into ZIVE memory up to 295,000 data point set. After the communication is restored, ZIVE will transfer saved data to PC automatically or user can transfer data when he / she wants. This function will be highly efficient for long time experiment.
2. User can define a safety condition setting by inputting his/her own safety levels for voltage, current, temperature etc. If the measurement value exceeds this setting value, the system will automatically stop to protect the system and cell.
3. If the control value of voltage or current is different from measured value, the experiment will stop automatically to protect the cell.
4. Automatic calibration function is available for user calibration.
The system is controlled from a PC via USB.


The ZIVE SP2 electrochemical workstation is ideal for fundamental research in electrochemistry, development and quality assurance of new sensors, corrosion / coatings, electrode material, membrane, conducting polymer, evaluation power device research such as battery materials, fuel cells, super capacitors and solar cells.

  • General Electrochemistry:

The ZIVE SP2 is also suitable for the development of bio-research, electron transfer kinetic studies and electrochemical analysis of compounds at low trace levels, where multichannel DC and impedance analysis is beneficial in providing high throughput of results.

  • Batteries:

The system is very well adapted for researches on the cycling behavior of battery. It provides various control modes for battery cycling. It can support EVS (electrochemical voltage spectroscopy) / GITT/ PITT test. Fast pulse capability for GSM, CDMA test is included in battery test software package. Pulse profile measurement function to check pulse shape is available. For ripple simulation test, sine wave charging/discharging is available.

  • Solar Cells:

Solar cell development and production requires extensive material and device testing to improve efficiency and match individual cells for panel construction. The ZIVE SP2 is the best solution for photovoltaic cell characterization. With system’s AI, AO, DI, and DO, the system can monitor other device’s signal and also control them.

  • Corrosion:

The system is suitable for measuring low corrosion rates and EIS test to evaluate corrosion. The ZRA function is supplied for galvanic corrosion measurement.

  • Sensors:

The ZIVE SP2 can be used for sensor research using with DNA chips or screen printed electrodes. System’s minimum current range is 20pA (with gain). Cyclic voltammetry, Chronoamperometry and EIS measurement can be used for this application.

  • Super Capacitors:

The ZIVE SP2 has fast potentiostat circuit with high speed data acquisition (50 usec / point, burst mode). This function is well applicable to super capacitor testing. Charging/discharging capability is used for this application.

  • Fuel Cells:

The ZIVE SP2 is ideal for characterizing the fuel cells and anodic / cathodic process mechanism at development and research grade. This system can be directly used for PEMFC, DMFC, and DEFC etc. The FRA can control an external electronic load for EIS measurement of fuel cell. I-V curve measurements in a full range of available current (autorange option is active during the I-V scan in order to ensure measurement with continuously high resolution).

Main System:

- PC communication: USB 2.0 high speed
- Line voltage: 100~240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Amp
- Power adapter: 24 V @ 2.5 A
- Size / weight: 113 x 305.7 x 196 mm (WxDxH) / 3.35 kg
- Max. output power: 30 Watt


- Cell cable: 1 meter shielded type(standard) working, reference, counter, working sense, Auxiliary V
- Control DAC: DSP with FPGA
                        2x16bit DAC(50MHz) for bias & scan
                        1X16bit DAC(1MHz) for analog output
- Calibration: Automatic
- Filter selection: 4ea(5Hz, 1kHz, 500kHz, 5MHz)
- Scan rate: 0~200V/sec in common mode
                   0~5000V/sec in fast mode
- Max. channel No: 32 channels via USB connection
- Internal data memory: 295,000 points
- LCD display: DC & EIS mode automatically

Power Amplifier (CE):

- Power: 24 Watt (12V@2A)
- Compliance voltage: ±12V
- Max. current: ±2A
- Control speed selection: 8ea
- Bandwidth: 4MHz
- Slew rate: 15V/usec
Potentiostat Mode (voltage control):

-- Voltage control:

- Control voltage range: ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV
- Voltage resolution: 16 bit per each range
- Voltage accuracy: ±1mV ±0.05% of setting (gain x1)
- Max. scan range: ±10V vs. ref. E

-- Current measurement:

- Current range:

          - 12 ranges (auto / manual setting)
          - 2 nA~2A
          - 20 pA & 200pA with gain

- Current resolution:

        - 16 bit
        - 60uA, 6uA, 600nA, 60nA, 6nA, 600pA, 60pA, 6pA, 600fA, 60fA, 6fA, 0.6fA

- Current accuracy:

        - ±10pA ±0.1% f.s.(gain x1)>200nA

Galvanostat Mode (current control):

-- Current control:

- Control current range:

        - max. ±2A
        - ± full scale depending on selected range

- Current resolution:

        - 16 bit
        - 60uA, 6uA, 600nA, 60nA, 6nA, 600pA, 60pA, 6pA, 600fA, 60fA, 6fA, 0.6fA

- Current accuracy: ±10pA ±0.1% f.s.(gain x1)>200nA f.s.

-- Voltage measurement:

- Voltage range: 10V, 1V, 100mV
- Voltage resolution:

        - 16 bit
        - 0.3mV, 30uV, 3uV

- Voltage accuracy: ±1mV ±0.05% of reading(gain x1)

- Max. input voltage: ±10V
- Input impedance: 2x1013 Ω||4.5pF
- Bandwidth: >22MHz
- CMRR: >114dB

EIS(Internal FRA) for System:

- Frequency range: 10uHz~2MHz
- Frequency accuracy: 0.01%
- Frequency resolution: 5000/decade
- Amplitude:

        - 0.1mV~5Vrms(Potentiostatic)
        - 0.1~70% f.s.(Galvanostatic)

- Mode:

        - Static EIS:
                - Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic,
                - Pseudogalvanostatic, OCP
        - Dynamic EIS:
                - Potentiodynamic, Galvanodynamic
        - Fixed frequency impedance:
                - Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic,
                - Potentiodynamic, Galvanodynamic
        - Multisine EIS:
                - Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic
        - Intermittent PEIS/GEIS

Interfaces for System:

- Auxiliary port:

        - Digital output: 3 (open collector)
        - Digital input: 2 (photo coupler)
        - Auxiliary voltage inputs:
                - 3 analog inputs: ±10V
                - For measurement of WE vs. CE
                - CE vs. RE or other signal
        - Analog output:
                - 1 analog output: ±10V
                - For stirrer, MFC, RDE, etc.

- Misc. port:

        - Sig generator output: 1 analog output for FRA output or waveform generation output

- Peripheral communication: I2C to control external devices

- Temp. measurement: 1 K-type thermocouple input

- Zero Resistance Ammeter: 2nA ~ 2A ranges

- Max. step per experiment: 1000
- Shutdown safety limits: Voltage, current, temperature, etc.
- Max. sampling rate:
          -- 20kHz(50usec) in burst mode
          -- 500kHz(2usec) in fast sweep mode
- Min. sampling time: Unlimited
- Sampling condition: Time, dv/dt, dI/dt, temperature, etc.

PC Requirement

- Operating system: WindowsXP SP3/7/8/10(32bit/64bit OS)
- PC specification: Pentium4, RAM 1GB or higher
- Display: 1600x900 high color or higher
- USB: High speed 2.0


- Dummy cell: One external dummy cell included
- Thermocouple: K-type, 1.5 meter long(option)
- Impedance analysis S/W: ZMAN(TM) software
- DC data analysis S/W: IVMAN(TM) software package

*The specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Windows is a registered trade mark of Microsoft Corporation.

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