Potentiostat Galvanostat VersaSTAT 4

VersaSTAT 4



VersaSTAT 4 adds fast data acquisition and improved low current measurements to the VersaSTAT Family

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Current Range 2 A

VersaSTAT Family
The VersaSTAT Series consists of the VersaSTAT 4, VersaSTAT 3F and VersaSTAT 3.

This family of instruments combines our option-based hardware and software platforms to create the most popular line of potentiostats.  Introduced for the majority of researchers doing typical electrochemical experiments, this entire series gained a key improvement in 2018.  As of August 1st, 2018, all VersaSTAT models have ± 2 Amp capability standard.  Users can now study larger samples at faster rates.

Hardware and software upgrades further extend the value of the VersaSTAT Series.  The dynamic current range on all VersaSTATs can be boosted up to 20 Amps... and can be scaled down by 1000x to 4 pA range (122 aA resolution) with the VersaSTAT-LC.  Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) capability as well as DC techniques functionality can be added to the VersaSTAT Series through upgrade codes, without returning the instrument to the factory or service centers.

VersaSTATs operate within the VersaStudio software package.  Introduced in 2007, this software is the data acquisition program for all Princeton Applied Research potentiostats, including single channel and multichannel designs.  VersaStudio has dedicated techniques for most standard electrochemical experiments.  This includes actions common in energy, physical electrochemistry and corrosion applications.

Specifications  VersaSTAT3 VersaSTAT4 VersaSTAT3F
Max Current Output  ±2 A (standard) up to ±20 A   ±2 A (standard) up to ±20 A  ±2 A (standard) up to ±20 A
Compliance Voltage  ±12 V  ±12 V  ±12 V
EIS Capability  1 MHz, Option  1 MHz, Option  1 MHz, Option
Min Current Range  ± 200 nA (6 pA resolution)
 down to ±4 pA (122 aA)
 ± 4 nA (122 fA resolution)
 down to ±4 pA (122 aA)
 ± 4 nA (122 fA resolution)
 down to ±4 pA (122 aA)
E and I Filters  200 kHz to 1 kHz,
 including None
 200 kHz to 1 Hz,
 including None
 200 kHz to 1 Hz,
 including None
Grounding   Grounded, Earthed  Grounded, Earthed  Floating, Isolated

VersaStudio Software

The complete VersaStudio software provides full access to the capabilities of the VersaSTAT series and PARSTAT series of instruments, including the high current option, FRA, power booster and low current interface when present. Various systems are provided to combine hardware and the VersaStudio software that focus on particular application areas, while minimizing cost.

The VersaSTAT series is an option platform and may be upgraded at any time. The techniques and packages are detailed in the VersaSTAT data sheet.

VersaStudio software modules make use of core facilities that provide everything you would expect from a high quality electrochemical system.

-    Flexible experiment setup that can automatically sequence the potentiostatic, galvanostatic, and impedance capabilities of the VersaSTAT and PARSTAT hardware
-    Results display and overlay in a wide variety of axis formats for DC and AC experiments   
-    DC data analysis and fitting routines including Line, Peak Analysis, Tafel, and Polarization Resistance (Rp)
-    Built-in smoothing algorithms can be applied, per the user’s selection, to any graph
-    Data Output in text format for use in other graphing software for further analysis and report generation
-    Comprehensive EIS analysis and fitting techniques are optionally available by importing data directly into ZSimpWin or export to ZVIEW software

Using the carefully designed menus, even complicated experimental sequences, (e.g. battery charge/pulse discharge/EIS or multi-step electrochemical applications), are simple and logical to configure.