WPG100e Single Channel Potentiostat / Galvanostat (Standard Type)




The WPG100e is an economical research grade potentiostat system which is designed for general electrochemistry, corrosion, battery, etc. It has a power of ±1A and low current ranges, down to 100nA full scale as standard. And customized specification is available upon request. The WPG100e is designed with a local area network(LAN) for communication with a computer.

  • Application

• Corrosion test
• Sensor application
• General electrochemistry
• Battery / Super capacitor / Fuel cell test
• Material test

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  • For Stable and Accurate Target

- 4 Kelvin probe type true Potentiostat/Galvanostat circuit
- With 16bit ADC, DAC, this system provides 0.0015% f.s. high
resolution in control and data acquisition.
- Multiple current ranges(auto/manual selection)
        -- WPG100e: 8 ranges
- User specification is available from low current to high current
- Temperature measurement: K-type thermocouple(option)
- Auxiliary voltage measurement(option)
- Shield cell cable to protect EMI noise
- Automatic firmware upgrade
- LAN communication network
- This system can be used for battery cycler.
- User calibration is available using software function

  • Safety Limit & Fail Check Functions

- To protect hardware, this system stops the experiment automatically when it meets or exceeds the hardware specification or user defined safety limit. User defined safety condition setting: User can input safety level depending on chemical properties of reactants in test cell.

- Unique “Fail check” function: To protect the system and cell its elf, the experiment will be stopped automatically when the measured value is different from control value due to battery failure or wrong cell connection, etc. E.g. Control value: 1Amp, Measured value: 500mA Then the potentiostatl will stop automatically.

- Automatic cell connection check: Before experiment, if the cell voltage value is over the range of setting value, program gives the warning message for the operator to check the cell connection.

- If operator do press stop button by mistake, confirmation message box appears.

- If main program is down by unstable operating system, independent server program keeps the experiment (control & data acquisition) without dead time.

- Easy calibration with verification function

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