LN65AC LN2 Air cooled Intelligent Generator (65 Litres/day)




‘LN65AC’ is the latest ‘air cooled’ Liquid Nitrogen Generator from Noblegen Products.

Using the reliable and efficient PSA technique of separating Nitrogen and Oxygen is used to produce high quality Nitrogen Gas which is then liquefied using our powerful cooling system.

The liquid nitrogen is stored within a suitable sized vacuum insulated tank and the product can be dispensed using a 1.5 metre vacuum insulated hose provided. Other options of dispense methods are available on request.

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: LN2 Generator

• Air cooling, no water chillerrequired.
• Internal air compressor.
• Nitrogen produced using ourown PSA nitrogen generator.
• LN2 at 99% purity.
• Pressure Boost systemincreasing production
• No Loss’ pressure system
• 210 Litre LN2 storage dewar
• All cryogenic parts are vacuuminsulated.
• Colour touch screen control.
• Small footprint.
• Low noise.

The Noblegen Cryogenics L65AC liquid nitrogen generator is your reliable and efficient on-site plug and produce cryogenic solution.

With a small footprint, low power consumption and no need for cooling water or water chiller makes the LN65AC one of the best solutions available on the market.

The integrated cooling fans can operate with air cooling up to +45°c ambient temperatures making it suitable to operate in most parts of the World.

For higher ambient temperatures up to +52°c we recommend the LN60B water cooled system. Simply connect the power and press start for the machine to automatically produce liquid nitrogen when needed.

An intelligent level sensor system is fitted for you to select the liquid level stop and start using the touch screen controller so you always have enough LN2.

The Pressure ‘BOOST’ system increases liquid nitrogen production with no additional power or cooling water required, coupled with the ‘No Loss’ pressure maintaining system making it the most efficient and intelligent GM based technology generator available.

• Internet connectivity
• SMS text messaging
• Vacuum hoses available
• Foot pedal dispensing
• Additional dewars available

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