CRONOSONIC Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (ultrasonic timer)


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Cronosonic is an instrument for ultrasonic pulse velocity through transparency which can be used to investigate poles, truss, diaphrams, laboratory samples and many other structures made of concrete or stone. It performs measurements with direct, indirect and semi direct method. Very compact instrument is provided with display for realtime visualization of the time of fly (T.O.F.) and velocity of investigated material. Measurements can be transferred to a PC through USB connection. For the visualization of wave form it is possible to interface instrument with external oscilloscope. Ultrasonic pulse velocity survey is a standardized system in diagnostics of concrete. From analysis of compression P waves into material, it is possible to get Time of Fly (T.O.F.) of ultrasonic waves and propagation speed of the same into investigated material. This high frequency method is particularly indicated for compact materials such as dried concrete and on structural elements of reduced dimensions as trusses, poles, etc. This instrument series allows to estimate mechanical characteristics of materials, evaluate homogeneity rate and any eventual fractures, cavities, defects or anomalies of the element.

Instrument complies to regulation C597 – 09 Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete.

- Temporary measurement resolution: 83 nS
- Filter bandwidth: 20-80KHz
- Amplifier gain: 50dB -
Minimum trigger signal level: 208mV
- 2 TX / RX channels,
- Data storage in internal memory (50 measurements)
- 3 "screen to visualize the flight time (TOF) and the propagation speed of the waves in the investigated material
- Internal rechargeable battery
- Oscilloscope output
- USB interface to download data.


Ultrasonic pulse velocity report software

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