CTS120 Thermal Conductivity Sensor


MAE srl


CTS120 is a probe to measure in soils, length: 120 cm, which allows to carry out practical and quick measurements of thermal conductivity (or thermal resistivity) in the medium in which it is inserted at a precise level.

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The Sensor measures: Conductivity/Temperature
Cable Length: 5 meters
Sensor IP Rating IP68
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

Needle probe for measure of soil thermal conductivity, lenght: 120 cm.

Meets ASTM D 5334-00, D 5930-97 and IEEE 442-1981 standards. The probe works on soils, thermal fill materials, sediments, foodstuffs, dusts, sludge, paints, glues, and various other materials. The NSSP Non-Static Probe methodology (also known as the transient line source technique, thermal tip, hot tip, hot pulse, and hot wire) has the fundamental advantages of being fast and absolute with no need to know the sample size. Hukseflux specializes in NSSP design. Special models were produced for field experiments.


- ISO 9000 Checks for the stability of the entire probe can be performed by periodic (yearly) glycerol tests, preferably at different temperatures. Alternatively, Calibration Reference Cylinders (CRC) can be purchased. CTS45 is suitable for use in ISO certified laboratories.

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