TROVA-FORI Incline (inclinometer) probe with carbon fiber body




Direction and inclination of the horizontal and vertical slots
Wireless Link
Body carbon
23 mm diameter
Immediate results

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Inclinometer probe that allows a series of measurements of the orientation and inclination of the perforations in 3D space.

The new carbon fiber body Makes it lightweight and easy to handle in difficult places, for both horizontal and vertical wells.

Width up to 30 mm in diameter.
Instantaneous visualization of the results acquired along the drilling, altimetric and planimetric, showing its tendency with respect to the initial position for a fast and precise well positioning.

Orientation range:  360° orientation angles; inclination, azimuth, GTF, MTF, Dip Angle

 Accelerometer range:  24 bits accelerometer; 16 bits magnetometer

Angle resolution:  0.02°

Accuracy:  ± 0.2° inclination ± 0.5° azimuth

Angle measurement repeatability:  0.1 °

Digital output rate/logging rate:  up to 8 Hz

Output modes:  acceleration and magnetic field vectors plus temperature; orientation angles and temperature

Digital output:  2 serial (four-wire full-duplex) standard

Serial data rate:  115200 baud

Datalogging capacity:  up to 32,768 data records

Supply voltage:  +6.0 VDC min, +10.0 VDC max

Autonomy full charge:  16 hours

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