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ExpressThermo Professional is a software to manage the iButton Thermochron®, Hygrochron® & iBTag® data loggers.

2 Versions available:
ExpressThermo-Pro: includes license only.
ExpressThermo-Pro-Kit: includes license and cable Ref.: DS1402DX (including "Blue Dot DS1402D-DR8 Cable" + "1-Wire DS9490R" for iButton).

For Windows 8, 10 and later.
- If you require another operating system, ask for it at:

250,00 €

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ExpressThermo Profesional is a software for Thermochron®, Hygrochron® & iBTag® iButton loggers.

- These Loggers are very well suited for for transport and storage of products that are temperature & humidity sensitive.

- The software is very simple to use. It allows the user to program the logger parameters, offload, analyse and manage the logged data.

- ExpressThermo is available in three versions - Basic, Professional & Viewer - to satisfy the various user profile requirements. The Proffesional version is the one indicated here.

- The Basic version includes all main functions that allow to configure the loggers and analyse the recorded data including printed reports and direct Data Export to Excel.

- The Professional version, on top of the above functions, includes advanced tools to analyse data in various loggers, statistics, interval analysis, customised reports and optional modules for specific applications.

- The Viewer version allows offloading data from any Thermochron or Hygrochron Logger programmed in a licensed ExpressThermo version, stop logging, report generation and saving the logged data in a file.

- Both BasicProfessional versions can directly offload data into a TempTec Reader.

- ExpressThermo-Pro-Kit includes cable + adaptor DS1402X for USB connection to a PC.

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