USB Keyboard for iButton, iButtonKeyboard




The iButtonKeyboard incorporates all the necessary components to read the unique 16-digit address of any iButton, including the reader and a 45 cm USB cable.

Obsolete article. Replaced by the 72741 iButton Typer S iButton Serial Typer

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Environment of Use Indoor
Accessories Communication Accessories
Sensors Accessories: Cable, bracket

Plug the iButtonKeyboard into any USB port and open any application that displays keyboard characters; like Excel, WORD, etc. It's as simple as that. The iButtonKeyboard is ready to read the 16 digit address of an iButton!

The iButtonKeyboard, incorporates all of the components required to read the unique 16 digit address of any iButton, including the reader and an 18 inch USB cable.
An optional extension cable is available.
The reading device used is a "touch" reader and will not retain the iButton being read. iButtonKeyboard is physically a second keyboard on the host computer, and as such it will print to the display screen in the same manner as hand typed data.

The iButtonKeyboard is molded in a low pressure molding system. This process adds physical durability as well as a water proof enclosure. While the device will not function under water, it is highly resistant to the accidental spills of most liquids.

iButtonKeyboard is ideal for registration desks that are using iButtons for identification purposes, such as schools, medical institutions, and more. iButtonKeyboard is also of high value to the persons who need to sort a large number of iButtons for product family identification.

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