DS1402DX "Blue Dot DS1402D-DR8" + "1-Wire Cable DS9490R" Adaptor for iButton




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This kit DS1402DX is formed by a "Blue Dot Cable DS1402D-DR8 & 1-Wire adapter Ref. DS1402X" is used by the ExpressThermo software to comunicate with Thermochron and Hygrochron iButton data loggers. 

Contact with the iButton can be momentary or dwelled.

• Extensible Blue Dot Cable Set DS1402DX to connect iButtons to a PC.

• For momentary connection (F3/F5 MicroCan) or dwelled contact (F5 MicroCan only).
• Easily positioned by-adherent pads.
• Connect up to two iButtons at once.
• Can be used with any host adapter EDS equipped with an RJ11 connector.
• Can be used with any Dallas Semiconductor port adapter (DS9097E, DS9097U, DS9490R).
The DS1402DX is a cable adapter designed for connecting any iButton to a USB port of a PC.

The DS1402-RP8 Cable can connect to any iButton and read your data, but only stores data for F5 iButton versions.
The DS1402 series incorporates four basic types of connectors:
1-Wire RJ-11
Single-Contact Probe
Blue Dot receptor.

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