DS9092K iButton Starter Kit




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The DS9092K iButton® Starter Kit provides basic hardware for a quick evaluation of the Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim iButton family of products, using an IBM®-compatible computer. The kit includes iButtons as well as an assortment of accessories.

The DS9092K iButton starter kit includes:

  • 1x DS1904L-F5 - RTC iButton
  • 1x DS1971-F3 - 256-Bit EEPROM iButton
  • 1x DS1971-F5 - 256-Bit EEPROM iButton
  • 1x DS1990R-F5 - Serial Number iButton
  • 1x DS1996L-F5 - 64-kbit Memory iButton
  • 1x DS9093F - Plastic snap-in fob holder
  • 4x DS9093A Plastic holders (various colors)
  • 1x DS1402D-DR8 - 1-Wire Network Cable, Blue Dot
  • 1x DS9490R - USB to 1-Wire Adapter
  • Starter Kit to help evaluate iButton technology using a Microsoft Windows-based PC
  • Easy Setup with USB adapter
  • Free download of 1-Wire drivers and OneWireViewer Demonstration Software

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