AO-KL/A Air Duct Quality Sensor for mixed gas (VOC) for conducts

Fuehler Systeme


  • 0...100% mixed gas VOC
  • 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
  • automatic re-calibration

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The instrument measures: Air Quality - VOC
The Sensor measures: VOC

The AO-KL/A mixed gas sensor registers the air quality in the range of 0...100% with respect to the calibration gas and converts this measured value into a linear output signal 0-10 V respectively 4-20 mA.
As an option the air quality sensor has a potential-free changeover contact and a backlit display. The display content can be rotated in 90° steps using a menu and the measured value, the switching threshold set, the state of the relay, the MIN/MAX measured values for the selected intervals (1 h / 6 h / 12 h / 24 h) etc. can be read out.
The sensitivity can be set on the device at “low” (extended measurement range), “medium” (standard measurement range) and “high” (reduced measurement range).
The air quality that is defined as normal for the environment can be specified on initial start-up by manual calibration on the device (zero point balance). The air quality sensor performs an automatic calibration at regular intervals, long-term drifts and the operational wear of the sensor element are thus totally eliminated.

Measurement range VOC 0...100% (good / bad air quality, referring to the calibration gas)
Accuracy ±15% FS
Response time (t90) max. 60 s (at 5% alteration)
Long term stability < 15% FS/year at norm load
Sensor metal oxide VOC-sensor
Sensor protection screwable stainless steel sinter filter
Running-in time 1 hour
Supply voltage 24 V AC/DC (±5%)
Current consumption max. 60 mA
Analogue output 0-10 V 3-wire connection, min. load resistance 100 kOhm
Analogue output 0/4-20 mA 3-wire connection, load resistance < 500 Ohm
Alarm output 1 x potential-free change-over contact, 48 V, 1 A
Electrical connection screw terminals max. 1,5 mm²
Housing Polycarbonate PC UL 94 V0 with hinge locks, color signal white similar to RAL 9003
Cable gland PG11 high-strength cable gland with strain relief
Display optional LCD display with backlight on/off/auto
Material Protection tube: metal
Dimensions Housing: L 89 x W 80 x H 47 mm, Protection tube: Ø 16 x 190 mm
Weight 250 g
Protection type IP65
Protection class III
Working range r.H. 0...98% r.H. in contaminant-free, non-condensing air
Working temperature 0...+50°C
Storage temperature -20...+50°C
Initial operation After switch-on of the device follows a self-test and the tempering, which takes ca. 1 h depending on the environmental conditions. At this time the analogue output drifts from the actual measurement value.
Automatic calibration The automatic re-calibration of the output signal is started in the interval of 4 weeks and can be disabled. The device must be supply within this interval at least 10 minutes with fresh air.
Manual calibration The manual calibration of the output signal to 1V (zero point) will be started by pushing the button on the circuit board (push ca. 5 s until LED is blinking). Before this it is to ensure a non-stop operating of min. 2 h on air quality which is defined as normal. After successful calibration the LED will be deactivated.
Installation mounting flange (in scope of delivery)
Approvals CE, EAC, RoHS
KL/A-UI 24 V AC/DC 0-10 V, 4-20 mA without display
KL/A-UID 24 V AC/DC 0-10 V, 4-20 mA with display
KL/A-UIR 24 V AC/DC 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, relay without display
KL/A-UIRD 24 V AC/DC 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, relay with display

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