LPPC-B11 Portable Airborne Particle Counter (8 channels and printer)




Portable airborne particle counter LPPC-B11 is an eight channel unit with higher flow rates that can confirm the class of a clean room.
It has a provision of simultaneously counting particles in eight different size ranges with real time monitoring.
It features a user-defined particle count limit thus offering end user flexibility.
The particle count data can be conveniently viewed on screen, downloaded or printed directly using the built-in printer.

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Type of Instrument Particles in Air Monitor
The instrument measures: Optical Particle Counting
Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Analyze Particle Size
  • 7 inches colour touch screen for displaying particle count of all channels
  • Laser sensor based particle detection
  • Large data storage capacity ( 5000 samples )
  • Samples a cubic meter of air in less than 20 minutes
  • Data conversion : ft3 and m3
  • UCL calculation
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Direct data export using WiFi connectivity
  • Stainless steel housing

Used in clean room monitoring, indoor air quality testing, HEPA filter performance testing, tracking particle sources; monitoring of biosafety cabinets, clean benches, computer rooms and HVAC system performance.

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