ATMOS Radon detector for faster and more efficient measurements in the field




When different types of radon measurements are made, a more complete picture of the radon levels in the building is obtained.
Thus, by radon gas measurements, remediation and mitigation are more effective.

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Type of Instrument Gas Analyzer
The instrument measures: Radon

Radonova launches a new version of the ATMOS radon detector. The new version weighs 4.5 kg and has a new design, new features and improved software. In addition, the equipment is designed to offer faster and more efficient radon measurements in the field.
Radonova has developed this device to meet the needs of the expanding international market. More modern, efficient and specific instruments are required for the measurement of radon.

The demand for radon measurements is increasing.

The need for reliable and easy-to-use field measurement instruments continues to grow as more and more homes and workplaces find that they require radon measurements. To find out the source of radon in the building, the measurer needs an instrument that can accurately and quickly indicate reliable radon levels. Likewise, it is sometimes necessary to measure the variations of radon every minute to study the changes throughout the day. The new ATMOS radon detector meets these requirements and facilitates and optimizes field work.

Fast and reliable measurement reports.

ATMOS is unique in that it is the most sensitive and lightweight device that can be used both in the field and in the laboratory. In addition, its compact, light and mobile format allows it to be easily transported anywhere. The new software makes it easy to get data and quickly create reliable reports. Patrik Starck, Technical Physicist and Head of Development at Radonova, explains that "the latest version of ATMOS allows users to perform measurements more easily than other devices available on the market." For this reason Patrik points out that the equipment has been completely redesigned compared to previous versions. The only thing that has not changed is the measurement chamber. However, Patrik explains that the measurement chamber was the most technically advanced part of the device.

An expanding international market

Earlier versions of the ATMOS were mainly marketed in Sweden. Faced with increasing international demand, Radonova has adapted the production capacity of the Uppsala factory. «Verifying that the demand for this type of product is internationalized is very satisfactory. The new ATMOS is introduced to the market after several years of research and development” explains Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova Laboratories.

The new features of the ATMOS radon detector:

    Light and compact: 4.5 kg and dimensions of 500 x 385 x 220 mm
    New software provides fast and reliable reports
    Ion chamber has high sensitivity and short response time
    Function to identify the original source of radon in closed spaces
    Connection to computer via USB port
    Historical record with storage capacity of more than 10 years of measurement data

ATMOS Radon Detector Description:

The ATMOS radon detector incorporates an integrated dehumidification system that ensures that humidity in the air does not interfere with the measurement results. For example, the dehumidifier works in saturated humidity conditions with temperatures up to 40°C. In fact, the ATMOS dehumidifies the air automatically through a process integrated in the device. Regarding the data, the equipment shows a table with the last 10 results. The user can also see the uncertainty associated with each of the radon measurements. Atmospheric pressure, temperature, and air humidity appear on the screen and are recorded with each measurement.

On the other hand, the 3.5-inch touch screen indicates:

Radon concentration in Bq/m³
Uncertainty since the start of the measurement
Integration time, time and date of the measurement

Regarding the accessories, the unit is supplied with a strap, a bag, a 24 V DC charger and a 3 meter tube with adapter. Finally, the reading and reporting software runs on Windows and is built into the device. As a result, the software allows reading the data stored in the device to assess the variations over time and the energy spectrum. ATMOS measures the alpha decay of radon and its descendants and is not gamma ray sensitive. The more the integration time is increased, the more accurate the measurement will be. The energy spectrum of each measurement is saved every 10 minutes and in this way the user can guarantee the quality of the data.

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