AO-T-Z03 Carbon Monoxide Alarm




The AO-T-Z03 alarm detects carbon monoxide and alarms with sound and light at harmful levels. Ideal for vehicles, fireplaces, and backpacks.

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Our AO-T-Z03 carbon monoxide alarm can detect carbon monoxide gas and alarm by sound and light if the carbon monoxide gas level is high enough to harm people. This compact design carbon monoxide alarm is your ideal carbon monoxide alarm to be installed inside your vehicles, hung by the fireplace, mounted on a backpack, etc., to alert you for CO gas poisoning.

SensorUsing the imported sensor, the product life is 5 years
Display Battery and CO value
LED indicator Blue indicator lamp and red alarm light
Buzzer Sound alarm of about 70 dB at 1 m
Static current An average of 30uA
Alarm current 30mA
Battery 2* CR2032 button
Life span 9 months in a continuous static working state
Operating environment Temperature: -10-60°℃, humidity: 10%-90%RH
Dimensions 71*49*8mm (L*W*H)
Weight 43.3g (with battery), 37.6g (without battery)

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