ETS-3000 Sistema de entrenamiento Digital-Analógico




ETS-3000 provides an environment for students to interact with the starter tables using simple codes and connections.
The universal board allows students to build their own circuits.

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Category Analog and Digital Electronics
Function Digital & Analog Theory
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The ETS-3000 Digital-Analog Training System is a comprehensive system suitable for anyone who participates in digital and analog circuit experiments, such as circuits
basic electrical, linear circuits, combination logic, sequential logic, microprocessor and FPGA circuits, etc.
All necessary devices for experiments such as power supply, generator / function counter, joystick switch, rotary switch, DCV / DCA meter, analog meter are installed in the main unit.
Users can also program Arduino codes with the faya-Nugget combo package, as well as adopting an extension FPGA board and MCU board.

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