Scientech2452 TechBook for Lead Delay Compensation Network




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Scientech 2452 is a Lead Lag Compensation Network which helps the user to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of Leading Lagging of a signal applied to any active network. Scientech 2452 is helpful used to study Lead, Lag and Lag- Lead in the network, networks as a filter, analysis through Bode plots and compensation of the same.

  • Digital Frequency Counter

  • Square Wave Generator

  • Precise Signal Conditioning

  • Sensitive, linear, stable and accurate

  • Easy to operate

  • Rugged and compact

  • Functional Blocks indicated on board mimic

  • 2 mm socket for interconnection

  • Test points at various blocks to measure and observe the signals

  • eManual describing working of TechBook along with detailed experiment descriptions

  • On Board Touch Switch

Scope of Learning:

  • Study of Lead Compensator

  • Study of Lag Compensator

  • Study of Lag-Lead Compensator

  • Bode plot of Lead Compensator

  • Bode plot of Lag Compensator

  • Bode plot of Lag-Lead Compensator

  • Study Lead Compensator as a filter

  • Study Lag Compensator as a filter

  • Study Lag-Lead Compensator as a filter

  • Study your various uncompensated circuit modules Lead Compensator

  • Study your various uncompensated circuit modules Lag Compensator 

  • Study your various uncompensated circuit modules Lead-Lag Compensator

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