KL-210 Basic Electrical / Electronic Circuit Lab




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KL-210 Basic Electrical / Electronic Circuit Lab is ideal for electrical, mechanical, automative, automotive, science, civil & electronics engineering learning. 

All the necessary equipment for electric circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, analog and digital meters are installed on the main unit for the requirement of experiment.

The whole essential topics of electrical circuit learning are studied by different modules.

(A) Basic Electricity Experiments
  1. Basic Measurements
  2. DC Circuits
  3. AC Circuits
  4. Control Circuits

(B) Electronic Circuit Experiments
1. Diode Characteristics
  2. Rectifiers and Filters
  3. Diode Clipping and Clamping Circuits
  4. Differentiator and Integrator
  5. Transistor Characteristics
  6. Transistor Amplifiers
  7. Multistage Amplifiers
  8. FET Characteristics
9. FET Amplifiers
10. OPA AMP Characteristics
11. Basic OP AMP Circuits
12. OP AMP Applications
13. OP AMP Comparators and Oscillators

(C) Digital Logic Experiments
1. Basic Logic Gates
  2. Combinational Logic Circuits
  3. Adders and Subtractors
  4. Encoders and Decoders
  5. Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
6. Arithmetic Elements
  7. Sequential Logic Circuits
8. Sequential Logic Applications

(D) Motor Experiments (Option)

  • Ideal for students to learn the design of electrical, electronics and digital logic circuits.
  • To learn efficiently, power supply, function generator and measurement unit are all included.
  • All supply units are secured with overload protection.   
  • With one main unit, user can choose the needed modules for different learning topics.  

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