WET-2-K WET KIT for Water Content, CE and Temperature

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Sensors are normally ordered as a complete kit that includes a WET Sensor, an HH2 Moisture Meter and a handy carry case. There are three types of Kit – each with a different set of substrate calibrations, including coir, peat and mineral wool. Please see below for further information on substrate calibrations and kits.

Wet Kits are available with alternative sets of substrate calibrations pre-installed:

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The Sensor measures: Soil Humidity, EC, Temp.
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

WET2-K1= includes sensor calibrations suitable for a variety of standard soil types.
WET2-K3 = for Stonewool artificial mineral wool substrate (vertical and horizontal measurement)
WET2-K4 = for coir (coco fibre), peat based potting mixes, greenhouse ‘mineral’ soils

Measures directly within the root zone
Rapid checks of growing conditions
Ideal for precision irrigation
In just 5 seconds the WET Sensor checks 3 crucial variables that influence plant growth: water content, temperature and pore water conductivity (ECp), the EC of the water that is available to the plant.

Vital tool for precision horticulture

The WET Sensor is used throughout horticulture, especially by soft fruit growers and for crops grown in protected environments, where correct growing conditions are critical to both yield and flavour. The compact sensor can be inserted directly into the growing medium with minimal disturbance to either roots or shoots, and provides information for process optimisation, checking growing condition uniformity and precision irrigation.

Measured parameters
Permittivity, ε′ 1 to 80 ± 2.5 [1]
Bulk conductivity 0 to 300 mS.m-1 ± 10 (ECb)
Temperature -5 to 50°C ± 1.5°C
Calculated parameters
Volumetric Soil Moisture, θ 0 to 100% ± 3% [2]
Pore water conductivity see graph below (ECp)
Other specifications
Calibration Individual sensor calibrations stored within sensor EEPROM
Output Serial data (TTL)
Environmental IP68, 0 to 50°C
Power 6 to 10V, ~38mA for 2.5s
Dimensions ~120 x 45 x 13mm
Rods ~68mm long
Sample volume ~500ml

[1]Permittivity is a measure of the dielectric properties of materials, e.g. soils and substrates.
[2] Soil moisture accuracy refers to errors after applying a soil-specific calibration, within 10°C of calibration temperature.

WET-2-K1 WET Sensor Kit WET-2-K1
WET-2/d WET Sensor, HH2 Moisture Meter and carrying case. Supplied with generic mineral, organic, sand and clay calibrations.
WET-2-K4 WET Sensor Kit WET-2-K4
WET-2/d WET Sensor, HH2 Moisture Meter and carrying case. Supplied with additional substrate calibrations including coir, peat-based potting mixes and greenhouse “mineral” soils.
WET-2-K3 WET Sensor Kit WET-2-K3
WET-2/d WET Sensor, HH2 Moisture Meter and carrying case. Supplied with basic substrate calibrations plus mineral wool vertical and mineral wool horizontal calibrations.

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