C4130 Thermo-Hygro-Barometer


Comet System


High accuracy thermometer - hygometer - barometer. Audio and optical alarm of measured temperature. Minimum/maximum memory. memory of minimum and maximum temperature included traceable calibration certificate.

Simultaneous reading of temperature and air relative humidity, dew point temperature and air pressure reading selectable, built-in sensors, barometric pressure tendency for last 3 hours.

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Included in delivery:

Instrument including the battery

  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Plastic transport case
  • Connector for external ac/dc adapter
Measured Value Relative Humidity + Temperature + Atmospheric pressure
Construction Type Ambient Air
Temperature Measuring Range -10 to +60°C
Data Logging Function No
Operating temperature range -10 to +60°C
Temperature sensor RTD Ni1000/6180ppm
Accuracy of temperature measurement with built-in sensor ±0.4°C
Accuracy of air humidity measurement ±2.5%RH from 5 to 95% at 23°C, resolution 0.1%
Accuracy of dew point measurement 1.5 °C at ambient T < 25°C and RH>30%, 
range -60 to +80 °C
Accuracy of air pressure measurement ±2hPa at 23°C, resolution 0.1hPa
Barometric pressure tendency reading in hPa - for last three hours
Power battery 9V
Battery life 2 months typically
Dimensions 141 x 71 x 27 mm
IP protection IP20
Weight including battery approximately 150 g
Warranty 2 years
ac/dc adapter 230Vac to 12Vdc/0.5A
code: A1515
ac/dc adapter 230Vac to 12Vdc/0.5A
NiMH rechargeable batt. 9V/200mAh
code: A3400
NiMH rechargeable batt. 9V/200mAh

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