CCS Constant Current Power Supply for Ecomatik Sap Flow Sensors

CCS (SF-30)



Constant Current Source (CCS) for 3 Sap Flow Sensors (SF-L or SF-G or mixed). One CCS supplies up to 3 sensors and consumes 1 W (12 V x 84 mA DC, stabilized).

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The Sensor measures: Sap Flow
Power Supply: 12 V
Sensor for use in: Outdoor
Sensors Accessories: Amplifier/Conditioner

The function of CCS constant current power supply is to supply 84 mA constant current to the sensors.
This constant current is necessary to keep a constant energy input to the sensor and a current control is much more precise than by using a  voltage control .

Power supply: Irrespective of whether 1, 2 or 3 SL-G sensors are connected, the constant current source consumes about 100 mA.
Note: In case you use a car battery as power source, e.g. a 50-Amper-Hour battery may last 10 days.

Blue: SF-G sap flow sensor
Red: Constant current source (CCS)
Gray: Data logger, >12 bits
Yellow: Power supply, 12 V DC, at least 100 mA permanent current
Green: Protection box for data logger, CCS, power source in outdoor condition
Orange: Special installation kit
Black: Tree for investigation, its diameter at level of measurement >5 cm

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